Brain Gym ®

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALearning is easy, it is the natural way to grow. Experience makes our knowledge. Creativity, intuition, illusion … are the way of discovery.

With BrainGym ® also named Educational Kinesology or Edu-K ® get our life goals through movement. Got brain integration through specific movements.

Our brain is the most sophisticated tool there and available to us «every day».

You know how you wish to handle it? In certain situations do you react impulsively, without control? You «block» or think you «I am not good» to learn some things you like to do?

Brain Gym offers results through simple movements in order to achieve what we set out EVERYTHING!

We help you to resolve learning and behavioral difficulties!

We improve self-esteem and security in learning activities, employment, and social relationships …

Integrate 3D brain:

  • Survival: reptilian brain
  • Emotions: limbic system
  • Communication (Right side-Left): cerebral cortex and neocortex.

The Brain Gym ® training offers different types of courses with different levels:

  • BRAIN GYM ® 101. Basic Course.
    Brain Gym ® activities invite us to enjoy the benefits of the movement for the effectiveness and success in academic and / or professional. The experience is constructed by motion: LEARN WHY WE MOVE. We propose: MOVE TO LEARN.
  • Brain Gym ® Special parents and educators.
    This edition lighter designed for parents and educators will discover the 26 Brain Gym ® activities through games, songs … and improve learning for your children or students.
  • OBO® Optimal Brain Organization
    Your daily functioning profile do you explain you are easy some tasks and not others? It informs you of your abilities and your natural potential. Exploit know to get your personal excellence?
  • Vision Circles®
    A trip to discover the stages of your sensory development. How do you build your life? What is the map of your reality? Can you change that you want to change, if you put your mind?. How your eyes see? What do you see in your life? How do your ears hear? What do you hear in your life? How do you move? What do you do in your life?
  • In Deph 7 Dimensions of Intelligence®
    Brain Gym ® in depth, harmonizes your body, emotions and mind prioritizing the part that affects you. Each of the 7 dimensions has specific repercussions that affect you at all levels of your existence. With this level can act directly on the most important aspect for you! We can help structural level, ecology personal, emotional or energetic. The balance will guarantee an improvement in your life. Find out!
  • PRACTICUM to be Instructor BG® and/or Consultant BG®
    Practicum Course offers a co-creative model to live learn and grow and enables us to use publicly our Brain Gym ® trademark ensuring quality and integrity in the transmission and application of this method.
  • TFH®
    The four levels of Touch for Health will make you understand how the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine are part of our life and complement the skills of Brain Gym.
  • Research
    You know the research work carried out at international level. From them you can propose yours!

Would you like to be an instructor / a Brain Gym ®?

See the  official training itinerary of Brain Gym International Foundation® and Edu-K ®


Official Recognition:

  • All our courses are recognized by the International Foundation Brain Gym ® and Educational Kinesiology, Edu-K ® in USA.
  • All courses are subject to be recognized annually as Teacher Training by the Generalitat de Catalunya


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