1.- What is Touch for Health ® or o TFH®?

2.- Why is it important to choose a / Instructor / a TFH ® registered?

3.-Where can we find a registered Instructor?



1. What is Touch for Health ® or o TFH®?

The Touch for Health is included in the Educational Kinesiology tree. The Dr. John Thie has been its creator, intended to facilitate families a mere healing system to overcome blockages and bodily stress.

This technique uses the Muscle Test as biofeedback system to determine which stimulates stress and how it can be overcome.

The Touch for Health does not treat or diagnose symptoms but works with energy, lifestyle and aspirations of the client, offering a safe and effective method for maintaining health, improving the welfare maximizing equity.

Touch for Health Kinesiology is the system most widely used worldwide. You acknowledge and respect as a fundamental training for other systems of kinesiology and a self-responsibility for maintaining good health.


2. Why is it important to choose a / Instructor / a TFH ® registered?

Instructors registered Touch for Health-TFH ® – are part of an international team. They agree to use only the contents, manuals and official certified Touch for Health classes. These certificates are recognized by many organizations around the world as an official part of their programs.


3. Where can we find a registered Instructor?

A list of registered instructors of each country that you can find through authorized at the International School of Kinesiology-IKC-or IKC website in the section «find a class» or through our country affiliate www.vidakinesiologia.com.



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