Training of TFH®


Synthesis of the formation of TFH ® (Touch for Health)

TFH ® modules are taught in courses of two days.

TFH is an easy, simple and safe technique of Kinesiology. With this system, we use muscle testing-TM-, energy balance, set goals and do creative visualization. In Touch for Health we work with the hands. In weekend workshops we learn the theory and you can practice:

  •  The development of personal awareness and clarification of objectives and motivations.
  •  Clear blockages mental / emotional / physical and energetic.
  •  Increase vitality and energy and counteract fatigue.
  •  Relieve pain and stress – headaches, backaches, stomach aches, arm, shoulder, leg, knee …
  •  Release the mental and emotional stress
  •  Improving the health and well-being and help prevent diseases and injuries.
  •  Accelerate recovery from illness and injury
  •  Improve performance at work, at school and at home, in sport and in relationships.
  •  Identify foods that increase your energy and those who do not!
  •  Balancing the energy flow to improve your personal challenges, achieve peak performance more consistently and frequently, achieve the goals that you set out in life, and enjoy life to the fullest.


Touch for Health 1 ® TFH 1®

At this level we learn to make and practicing the Muscle Test-TM-, using it as an educational tool and biofeedback. In the course we balance the muscles doing the 14 muscles using neuro-lymphatic points, neurovascular, spinal reflexes, acupuncture meridians, muscles and nutrition. We also learn to release emotional stress and help reduce pain.


Touch for Health 2 ® TFH 2®

Building on the skills learned in level 1, we practice with the Muscular -TM,-test to locate the circuit, we introduce the application of the laws of oriental medicine: the principles of the Tao, yin – yang, meridians, their starting points and end, organs, and chinese laws, circadian and the 5 elements to balance the energy and lack. We analysis food with sensitivity mode, we learn to release emotional stress for the future, new techniques to reduce pain and much more….!


Touch for Health 3 ® TFH 3®

Delve into the use of oriental medicine techniques balancing the excess and lack of energy and meridians with pulse tests. We work postural problems that allow the body to function as a harmonious whole, even under pressure and learn to release the reactivity (muscle chains involved in posture). Methods to correct lemniscat energy are introduced. Tapping method is used for chronic pain. We learn to release emotional stress for the past and heal wounds energy of old accidents.


Touch for Health 4 ® TFH 4®

Were we synthesize and practice applying the concepts of oriental medicine introducing new concepts not still learned. Develop emotional work introduced in previous levels, balance with new techniques: sound, color …, learn and practice more about the objectives, the energy flows and postural stress relief. We do the full balance of the 42 muscles in the order of the meridians and the 42 muscles in anatomical order.

The lessons learned in each of the above modules can be applied to family and friends, or use it as a self-help technique to improve your health and wellbeing.


TFH Proficency or competence

The completion of the 4 previous modules makes it possible at this level make a synthesis and review the entire program, preparing participants for oral and written evaluation. The official certificate of and the recognition of TFH ® competence is awarded to successful graduates by IKC (International Kinesiology College).

 This level is a prerequisite for attending the Health Training Workshop.


TFH ® Instructor

Preparatory course to teach TFH ® levels 1-2-3-4

You get to this level official certificate TFH ® Instructor recognized by the IKC (International Kinesiology College) and the Spanish Association of Educational Kinesiology.


Official Recognition:

  • All our courses are recognized by the International Kinesiology College IKC ® and the Spanish Association of Kinesiology.
  • All courses are subject to be recognized annually as Teacher Training by the Generalitat de Catalunya.



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