OBO® Optimal Brain Organization


Our brain is a structure that specifically works in each of us. Everyone lives life according to experience. Handedness helps us understand our particular way of seeing, understanding and experience life differently. Everyone can bring a different perspective as the way it functions. In this course the different profiles discovered brain and its meaning for our life experience and our profession.

  • We work the following aspects:
  • What does having a lateral cross?
  • Why confuse right and left?
  • Why it costs you listen to some people?
  • Why do you find it difficult to read and write without mistakes?
  • Is it hard to remember where you put your keys?

We learn to share this information with people who «suffer» the consequences of a lack of integration in their daily functioning, as can happen to those who are dyslexic or have other learning deficits, giving them effective resources to conduct their lessons and activities whole brain.

It is essential to have this information to human resources departments seeking specific profiles for specific tasks.


  • Concept of dominance. Model Edu-K ®
  • Specialization and lateralization of functions.
  • Information processing visual, auditory, kinesthetic, hemispheric
  • The dynamic brain
  • Development of brain profiles
  • Protocols for brain profiles
  • Learning Styles
  • Hemispheric Leadership: Cooperation or dominance
  • Middle Camp, movements and midline crossing
  • Conscious sensory organization of three-dimensional
  • Protocols for use of the Plenary potential
  • Specific activities OBO

Hours: 16 h

Requirements: Brain Gym 101®


Official Recognition:

  • All our courses are recognized by the International Foundation Brain Gym ® and Educational Kinesiology, Edu-K ® in USA.
  • All courses are subject to be recognized annually as Teacher Training by the Generalitat de Catalunya


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