Vision Circles®

A journey to discover our senses!!

With it you can integrate all the knowledge provided by your life experience and improve your efficiency, security, self esteem, confidence, self-image …. at all levels!

Circulos de visión

The course offers a living experience to discover a conscious development and special features of each of the senses from the moment of birth.

  • Visual: The view is in the brain not the eyes. Unique experiences with different ways of seeing and looking: we see what we look!
  • Hearing: Hearing is different from listening. How do we select and discriminate the sounds? Amazing experiences as we develop our way of listening and we select what we hear.
  • Kinesthesia, proprioception, balance: The integration and body awareness is not assured if we become older. We experience our way to learn and to coordinate movements through bodily experiences to become aware of the integration of reflexes.
  • Holistic Integration: How to process information and experience to build and manage everything we do, we share and we intend to achieve. Discover the different management tools, adaptation and internal and external communication.
  • Internal and external relationship: how we relate to the environment? the ability to be ourselves and express ourselves with others. Co-creative relationships. Systemic relations.
  • Search our «SPACE» to deepen staff each circle.
  • The specific menu vision circles
  • Setting goals
  • Discovery pre / post specific activities.
  • A walk through the senses through each circle


  1. Find our SPACE
  2. The Observer: learn to look at while interacting with the environment
  3. The Entertainer: intelligence visceral muscles moving in space allowing the body space domain.
  4. The Resonator: the sound circle expands individual peripheral receptive and expressive way.
  5. The Nurturer: looking through the eyes of a child to grasp the totality and develop associative capacity.
  6. The Builder: our hands are active and able to play and create by establishing a link between our inner and outer reality.
  7. The Internaliser: dreams, images, motivations … enrich us with an inner meaning that enhances personal growth.
  8. The Communicator: sharing with others is a challenge and an ultimate reward. We are social beings we interact.
  9. The Synergist: the whole is more than the sum of the individual parts. It is the ability to integrate «all» and adapt to every situation.

* The specific activities of the circles of vision.

Hours: 24 h

Requirements: Brain Gym 101®

 Official Recognition:

  • All our courses are recognized by the International Foundation Brain Gym ® and Educational Kinesiology, Edu-K ® in USA.
  • All courses are subject to be recognized annually as Teacher Training by the Generalitat de Catalunya


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