7 Dimensions of Intelligence®

EDUCATIONAL KINESIOLOGY explore directly with the tools you’ll find in this level.

Each of the 7 dimensions has specific repercussions that affect all levels of existence. With the 7 dimensions can act directly on the most important aspect for you! The balance will guarantee an improvement in your quality of life. Find out!


Educational Kinesiology considers the seven dimensions of intelligence and its relation to the body-mind system.

The physical posture and body language are correlated with brain organization. Each dimension is a system of interaction with the structure and function in the whole body-brain. Each dimension

signifies a psycho-structural-position-and a functional skill-or competency-related overall system performance. Learning is complete when it provides the opportunity to integrate the operating experience (practice makes expert). The opportunities to apply what has been learned must be possible at any time, which sometimes we ask when it is not integrated.


  • Do we need analytical skills of abstraction to the brain without having settled on a solid foundation of movement for specific skills?
  • Are we doing math without having experienced the amounts?
  • Do we read out of memory?
  • Are we talking no idea who we are or who we’re talking about?

If it happens, we have created stress in the construction of some parts of our evaluation of the information.

The global brain learning is only possible when we balance the structure and function of the body-mind to the goals and visions we want. This course gives you this possibility!



In this course we experience the movements and activities learned in previous courses (Brain Gym ® OBO ®, Vision circles ®) and specific Integration body movements of the Seven Dimensions of Intelligence.

Discover how each dimension affects learning and how we can integrate learning being aware.

  1. Laterality Dimension related aspect: Communication
  2. Motivation Dimension related aspect: Attitude
  3. Centering Dimension related aspect: Organization
  4. Focus Dimension related aspect: Understanding. Attention. perspective
  5. Cranial movements Dimension related aspect: Rhythm
  6. Breathing dimension related aspect: Power
  7. Body Regulators Dimension related aspect:: Self-management

 Students can also learn to balance the learning processes of the 7D with the four kingdoms:

  1. The STRUCTURE-MOVEMENT domain : the reppaterning, movement re-education and training procedures restore vision body movements, posture and visual skills to a pre-functional.
  2. The ECOLOGY domain: helps restore the right moves regarding relations between external environment and the body’s internal ecosystem.
  3. The EMOTIONAL domain resets underlying behavior patterns under the usual responses.
  4. The ENERGETIC / acupuncture domain has revitalized us restoring procedures electromagnetic energy or meridians.


Hours: 32 h

Requirements: Courses BG101 ®, Repeat BG BG101 ® or BG® in Depth, OBO ®, Vision Circles® TFH-1®, TFH-2 ® and Case Studies


Official Recognition:

  • All our courses are recognized by the International Foundation Brain Gym ® and Educational Kinesiology, Edu-K ® in USA.
  • All courses are subject to be recognized annually as Teacher Training by the Generalitat de Catalunya


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